Oct, 25 2022

Posterino v4 Public Beta

I’m pleased to announce, that a public beta of Posterino v4 is available now!

Square-Grid Layouts

  • Drop your images on the document background: Distribute image on the free space available on your document
  • The Square-Grid layout features a set of drop options depending on the mouse position on top or between the squares. Just move your drag objects around a bit to discover the different options.
  • On the window toolbar there are two new action: Scale Down and Scale Up. Use these to scale your Square Grid document to hold more or less free spaces and thereby images.

License & Upgrades

  • The app is fully functional, if you try to export or share a document, the shop will pop up. These are no real purchases yet! Just choose what looks good and proceed to your export. Since the purchase is not real, the information will be lost when you quit Posterino.
  • If you are a long time Posterino user you can do me a favor and verify that the license upgrade system is working for you. Please have a look at Posterino > License… > Upgrade Offer and verify that you can enable an upgrade offer using your current App Store purchase of Posterino or a license you bought on my web-site.

Beta Limitations

  • English is currently the only user interface language supported
  • The online help document is sill for Posterino 3
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Jan, 24 2017

Posterino spring-cleaning

In gardening you have to compose remains of dead plants, cut back branches and plant new seeds every spring to get your garden ready for a new cycle. The very same things apply to “gardening” an app if you like it to grow and blossom in the future.

Over the past weeks I took the time to remove old and obsolete code, handled OS deprecation warnings, updated various frameworks and did some overall code improvements. To make sure I did not cut off any essential “branch”, I’d like to sent the new spring-cleaned Posterino through a short beta phase.

Posterino App Icon

Long story short, I’d like to invite you to give the new beta a spin. All details on the Posterino beta page.

If you are wondering if you can run the beta and your current version of Posterino side by side: Yes, you can. See the Beta Installation Guide on the beta page for details.

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Mar, 16 2015

Posterino supports Apple’s upcoming Photos app

After the dust of Apple’s last keynote has settled and we’re now all exited about the new Apple Watch and Mac Book, let’s not forget about the upcoming Yosemite release featuring Photos. Apple’s new photo editing app replacing iPhoto and Aperture.

Apple's new Photos app

Since some of you already did ask me about Posterino’s support for Photos, here comes the good news: We just made available a Posterino beta featuring exactly that.

On the beta page you’ll find all details on downloading, installing and running the beta. You can always turn back to the latest stable release. In short: it’s painless as usual. And since it features some nice improvements, you also benefit if you’re not yet running Photos.

Also, I stumbled over some web pages featuring juicy details on the upcoming Photos app which you might find useful too:

– What you need to know about Photos for OS X (recommended reading)
– Apple’s Photos preview page
– Apple’s OS X beta program

So much for now. I’ll keep you posted.

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Nov, 19 2014

Posterino 3.0 Release Candidate available

I’ll make it short this time: The Posterino 3 beta phase is going on quite well and we have a Posterino 3 Release Candidate ready for widespread public inspection.

Circular Layout

You can download the Posterino 3 RC from our beta page starting now.

In my next post I will talk about all details on availability, pricing and upgrade options of Posterino 3. Stay tuned!

Have fun playing with Posterino 3 RC!

For questions, comments, tips, or feedback, find me on Twitter, Mastodon, or just email me.
Sep, 12 2014

Let’s talk about Posterino 3.0

It’s time for a new unveiling – the better and more robust Posterino 3.0. We’re sending you this email because you opted-in to get the latest news on Posterino. And we want you to be the first to taste Posterino’s latest goodies.

You’re probably thinking it has been awhile since you’ve heard from us. That’s because everyone at Zykloid has been busy dreaming up enhanced features for Posterino 3.0. Like any new software, Posterino 3.0 will need some testing before we offer it up to the hungry masses. As a fan of our products, we would like you to be one of our beta testers. You’ll have the exclusive chance to try out Posterino 3.0’s new features, like the circular layout option, before anyone else, and enjoy all the subsequent bragging rights.


Here’s a sneak peak at the new features awaiting your imagination:

– Improved workflow throughout
– Circular layout option
– New templates, frames and backgrounds
– Individual text captions
– Automatic image style settings
– Grid line tools to improve manual placement
– Sleeker user interface with enlarged workspace

Whet your appetite for Posterino 3.0 with some screenshots and sample templates.

Here’s how to be one of the lucky few Posterino 3.0 beta testers:

Spots are limited and will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. You can sign-up now for a test-drive.

There are two caveats though:

1.  We only have room for only a limited number of beta testers. We’ll start with a few and increase as needed.
2.  Posterino 3.0 will run on Mac OS X 10.9.x “Mavericks” or later only.

For questions, comments, tips, or feedback, find me on Twitter, Mastodon, or just email me.
May, 02 2011

How do I run the latest Posterino beta and my Mac App Store copy side by side?

Mac App Store does not allow the distribution of beta software, which is actually a good thing. However, from time to time you might like to run a beta version. For example, we just implemented a “Snap to Guides” feature and made it available as a beta several weeks before the feature actually appeared on the Mac App Store version of Posterino.

In this article I would like to talk about two things:

  1. How to run a Posterino beta version side by side with a copy of Posterino purchased through the Mac App Store.

  2. How to sign up for our beta version e-mail notification service.

Why would you like to run beta software?

Lets talk about why you would like to run beta software in the first place. The reasons are numerous:

  • The Mac App Store review process takes some time and you might like to get your hands on the most current version of Posterino as soon as possible.

  • We implemented a new feature which you (among others) requested and we like to give you the chance to be the first to play with it, like the “Snap to Guides” feature that was requested by many of you. Generally on these occasions we send out invites with a link to a beta version.

  • A beta version fixes a problem you’ve encountered, but this version of Posterino is not yet available on the Mac App Store.
  • You’d simply like to stay on top of the development.
  • You just need the pure thrill of running beta software. In this case, please also contact the local branch of the Beta Addicts Anonymous support group.

Install beta software

First, one word of caution: Some folks really like to get their hands on the latest “bleeding-edge” trunk of some kind of software. But running beta software is clearly not everybody’s business. If you feel uncomfortable with this kind of stuff, just don’t run it! No shame!

This post is made for the folks who like to get their hands dirty and run a backed up system!

To run a beta of Posterino we have to understand one thing: Technically the copy of Posterino purchased through the Mac App Store and the beta (or regular version) downloaded from our site follow two different licensing models.

This boils down to one simple fact: The copy downloaded from our site will stay in demo mode!

However, this does not pose a problem at all, you just have to make sure to use the copy of Posterino purchased through the Mac App Store to export your document without the demo watermark. It’s that simple.

Here’s a more detailed workflow:

  1. Download a beta from our site and unpack the ZIP file.

  2. While finding a place for the beta, don’t override the Mac App Store copy of Posterino in your Applications folder. You have several options here:

    • Put it on your Desktop.
    • Rename it to something like “Posterino-beta” and put it in your Applications folder.
    • Put it somewhere else. Maybe you already have some kind of “Beta Stuff” folder.
  3. To create and edit your Posterino document use the beta version (or your Mac App Store copy).

  4. To export your document switch to your Mac App Store copy of Posterino.

That’s it.

To get rid of the beta

If you are done with the beta copy of Posterino and you don’t need it any longer, just drag it into the trash. That’s it. There are no other files to consider.

In case you accidentally overrode your copy of Posterino from the Mac App Store with a beta or you removed your Mac App Store copy altogether, just install it again using Mac App Store. No big deal.

Our Beta Notification Service

If you’d like to get a short notification e-mail every time we release a new beta of Posterino into the wild, just subscribe to our Notification Service. At our current rhythm, new betas are released two times a month. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time and we don’t share your data with anyone outside Zykloid Software.

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Aug, 20 2010

Posterino 2.0 Sneak Preview

Truth is, it’s been pretty quiet around Posterino. Not because we’ve been out enjoying the sunshine. Rather, everyone here has been working hard producing Posterino 2.0, which is chock full of enhanced features so you can more easily customize your document and get your photos out into the light of day.

The new Posterino document window in layout mode.

The new features of Posterino 2.0 you’ll be the first to try

Here’s how Posterino 2.0 stacks up against version 1.x!

  • Easily customize the layout of your images: grid, irregular, random
  • Easily change the number of images in a document (in the 1.x version, changing the number of images in a document was possible, but not as obvious and easy as it is now)
  • Alter the frame you use for your images
  • Tailor the image filter (black & white, sepia, sharpening etc.) to your needs
  • Enjoy new themed templates: For example, a “western” theme automatically transforms all images into sepia. A “Black & White” theme makes all images B&W.
  • Integrate Posterino 2.0 with the latest versions of iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom
  • Export to disk, as an e-mail, to iPhoto, to Flickr and as your desktop background
  • Gain more fine grained control of your document with a new inspector
  • View your document in full-screen mode

Take a look at some screenshots of Posterino 2.0 for yourself here.

How to be a Posterino 2.0 beta tester

We have a limited number of spots available to be given out on a first come, first serve basis. Once we open a semi-public beta test phase for our new baby, you’ll be able to sign-up for a test-drive. We’ll give the start sign on Twitter. You can also subscribe to a notification e-mail or listen to our blog.

There are two caveats though:

  1. We have room for only a limited number of beta testers. We’ll start with a few and increase as we make progress.
  2. Posterino 2.0 is for Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” only. You must have Snow Leopard to participate.

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about Posterino 2.0. We’ll be giving out the signal for sign-up on Twitter soon.

For questions, comments, tips, or feedback, find me on Twitter, Mastodon, or just email me.
Aug, 07 2008

We are Looking for Beta Testers for Proxymind (iPhone OS)

We are currently looking for beta tester for Proxymind, our first iPhone OS application.

With Proxymind you can organize your errands, notes and ideas with ease and simplicity. Proxymind is location aware and visualizes which items are currently within your reach. Have a look at the Proxymind product page to get and idea and some screenshots of what its all about.

If you call an iPhone or iPod Touch running iPhone OS 2.0 or later your own and you think Proxymind is something for you, just apply for our Beta Test Program.

Please understand, that – due to the nature of the Ad Hoc distribution model provided by Apple – there is only a limited number of test slots we can offer.

For questions, comments, tips, or feedback, find me on Twitter, Mastodon, or just email me.