Aug, 27 2019

Reflections on randomness

Some time ago I dipped my toe into generative art. While I was looking for an inspiration I stumbled over a work titled Interruptions by Vera Molnár. A plotter drawing from 1968/69 showing hundreds of thin short lines, more or less randomly placed at a random angle on a square canvas.

Immediatley I realized that this was the spark I was looking for. That all I needed was a line. That the subject of my project had to be randomness. Because on one side we need random number generators to produce this kind of art and on the other side we try to control the outcome.

Experimenting with this idea, I finally came up with this:

Watch the randomness slowly entering the orderly world. Having mutations of various forms. Then breaking the rigid casting trying to keep it in check and finally, at the end, possibly, entering our world.

I really enjoyed this small creative project of mine and I very much hope that it will be not my last.

Aug, 20 2019

Welcome to the Dark Side

I admit it. At first I haven’t been the biggest fan of macOS Dark Mode. But now, when I see Posterino vested in its new dress, I just love it. Today I’d like to give you a quick look on what is taking shape on my developer’s desk:

In real life it even looks better because the sidebar has a nice discreet material design. While I was at it I gave the whole UI a bit of love. Everything looks lighter, fresher and more modern now. As a nice addition I made Posterino pick up the system accent color. As usual a beta version will be ready for you soon. If you can’t wait for it and need to see more, have a look at the screenshots I posted on Twitter ;)

Aug, 02 2019

Posterino and Catalina

As usual, here comes my yearly notice regarding the state of Posterino and the upcoming new macOS. This year we can welcome macOS 10.15 “Catalina”.

I already mentioned this on Twitter but I think it doesn’t hurt to repeat a word of warning here: If you don’t have to, stay away from the Catalina (and iOS) betas for now! Currently the iCloud support is unstable and you may loose your data.

Regarding Posterino though, things look pretty good. In case you already run Catalina, update to the latest Posterino 3.5.1 and you are golden. 
Posterino App Icon
From your feedback I know that you love my short lists of personal favorite background information regarding the new macOS. So here it is: