Oct, 25 2022

Posterino v4 Public Beta

I’m pleased to announce, that a public beta of Posterino v4 is available now!

Square-Grid Layouts

  • Drop your images on the document background: Distribute image on the free space available on your document
  • The Square-Grid layout features a set of drop options depending on the mouse position on top or between the squares. Just move your drag objects around a bit to discover the different options.
  • On the window toolbar there are two new action: Scale Down and Scale Up. Use these to scale your Square Grid document to hold more or less free spaces and thereby images.

License & Upgrades

  • The app is fully functional, if you try to export or share a document, the shop will pop up. These are no real purchases yet! Just choose what looks good and proceed to your export. Since the purchase is not real, the information will be lost when you quit Posterino.
  • If you are a long time Posterino user you can do me a favor and verify that the license upgrade system is working for you. Please have a look at Posterino > License… > Upgrade Offer and verify that you can enable an upgrade offer using your current App Store purchase of Posterino or a license you bought on my web-site.

Beta Limitations

  • English is currently the only user interface language supported
  • The online help document is sill for Posterino 3
For questions, comments, tips, or feedback, find me on Twitter, Mastodon, or just email me.
Oct, 17 2022

Posterino v4 Preview

From Apple Silicon support to document handling. From image browsing to template picking. Posterino v4 improved in many areas. The user interface received a fresh new look and the inspector has been integrated with the effects picker, also ..

  • A bunch of new templates. For some samples see the “Template Gallery” below.
  • A fast new built-in image browser
  • Improved document handling
  • Document previews in Finder
  • A new document file format
  • A unified inspector
  • Streamlined template creation
  • Better organized template browser
  • A fresh new look
  • A nice new application icon
  • Apple Silicon support
  • Full support for macOS 12 Monterey (and the upcoming macOS 13 Ventura)
  • Well, and there is always more …

But the star of v4.0 is surely the new Square-Grid layout. It bridges the gap between a completely automatic and a manual layout method. And I think it does this in a fun and enjoyable way. See for yourself:

For questions, comments, tips, or feedback, find me on Twitter, Mastodon, or just email me.