Nov, 04 2021

Posterino 3.11 and Monterey

Here comes my regular note regarding the state of Posterino and the latest member of the macOS family “Monterey”, released a couple of days ago.

Looks like Apple is back in its usual OS release rhythm and we get the new macOS in October. I am working full-time with the new macOS since the second beta and I really can’t complain. This release is solid!

As I expected, the new streamlined tab bar of Safari caused a bit of controversy. Followed by some feature back and forth but in the end we can choose the model we personally like best. I think that’s a good move for an app we use every single day.

To enjoy Posterino on macOS Monterey I suggest to update to the latest version 3.11 via the software update channel of your choice or by downloading right from the web.

Let’s round up this post with a short list of useful background information regarding macOS Monterey:

– macOS 12 Monterey: The Ars Technica review This one is epic. If you want the complete picture, this is it.

– For just a short teaser go to: 10 Great macOS Monterey Features Worth Upgrading For

– And if you are ready to jump in, there is a tiny detail about the macOS Monterey installation process you might want to know: How to Clean Install macOS Monterey Easily Using the New Erase Mac Option

So much for now. I’ll keep you posted.

Nov, 16 2020

Posterino 3.9 and Big Sur

Here comes my regular note regarding the state of Posterino and the latest member of the macOS family released a couple of days ago.

This year the macOS beta phase lasted a bit longer than usual but I think the result was worth waiting for. Big Sur deserves the new number, the 11, in front of it. A sound user interface overhaul started closing the gap between macOS and iPadOS and the advent of Apple Silicon based Macs clearly marks a new era.

Posterino on macOS Big Sur

I have been working with macOS Big Sur beta for several months now and I must say I’m very pleased. Apple did spare use the hiccups the beta of macOS Catalina showed last year and Big Sur beta was mainly a smooth ride on a solid crafted OS. Well mainly, it has been in beta after all ;) 

I took my time to make sure Posterino 3 is running smoothly on Big Sur and Apple Silicon based Macs. So, feel free to update to Posterino 3.9 via the software update channel of your choice or by downloading right from the web.

Let’s round up this newsletter with a short list of useful background information regarding macOS Big Sur and the new Macs:

– The most important question is of course: Will Big Sur run on your Mac? You’ll find the answer on Apple’s Big Sur web page near the bottom in a section called “See if your Mac can run macOS Big Sur”.

– macOS Big Sur Features by MacRumors, a solid overview about what’s new and changed in Big Sur

– The Apple Silicon Buyer’s Guide, just in case you feel tempted ;)

– A visual comparison of macOS Catalina and Big Sur; I especially love this one, an epic collection of side by side screenshots of Catalina and Big Sur

So much for now. I’ll keep you posted.

Dec, 12 2019

Posterino event calendars

So, what’s new in Posterino v3.7? In a nutshell: Events, more control over the look of the calendar and new calendar templates. For example, here is my holiday and birthday color coded calendar poster for next year:

I posted a couple more samples here on Twitter. Originally I planed to release this feature next year but then it occurred to me, that this may be extremely useful for you right now: In case you need some last minute gifts etc. ;)

Aug, 27 2019

Reflections on randomness

Some time ago I dipped my toe into generative art. While I was looking for an inspiration I stumbled over a work titled Interruptions by Vera Molnár. A plotter drawing from 1968/69 showing hundreds of thin short lines, more or less randomly placed at a random angle on a square canvas.

Immediatley I realized that this was the spark I was looking for. That all I needed was a line. That the subject of my project had to be randomness. Because on one side we need random number generators to produce this kind of art and on the other side we try to control the outcome.

Experimenting with this idea, I finally came up with this:

Watch the randomness slowly entering the orderly world. Having mutations of various forms. Then breaking the rigid casting trying to keep it in check and finally, at the end, possibly, entering our world.

I really enjoyed this small creative project of mine and I very much hope that it will be not my last.

Aug, 20 2019

Welcome to the Dark Side

I admit it. At first I haven’t been the biggest fan of macOS Dark Mode. But now, when I see Posterino vested in its new dress, I just love it. Today I’d like to give you a quick look on what is taking shape on my developer’s desk:

In real life it even looks better because the sidebar has a nice discreet material design. While I was at it I gave the whole UI a bit of love. Everything looks lighter, fresher and more modern now. As a nice addition I made Posterino pick up the system accent color. As usual a beta version will be ready for you soon. If you can’t wait for it and need to see more, have a look at the screenshots I posted on Twitter ;)

Aug, 02 2019

Posterino and Catalina

As usual, here comes my yearly notice regarding the state of Posterino and the upcoming new macOS. This year we can welcome macOS 10.15 “Catalina”.

I already mentioned this on Twitter but I think it doesn’t hurt to repeat a word of warning here: If you don’t have to, stay away from the Catalina (and iOS) betas for now! Currently the iCloud support is unstable and you may loose your data.

Regarding Posterino though, things look pretty good. In case you already run Catalina, update to the latest Posterino 3.5.1 and you are golden. 
Posterino App Icon
From your feedback I know that you love my short lists of personal favorite background information regarding the new macOS. So here it is:
Apr, 10 2017

Working with Style(s) in Posterino 3

Posterino has some built-in magic to support you in your work on a Posterino document. For example, you start a plain document and e.g. add a red border to all existing images. When you then add a new image, it comes with a red border automatically. Kind of what you would expect to happen, right? This Posterino behavior is powered by a feature we call Styles. In short, styles are:

 A fast and easy way to customize the look and feel of your document.

Generally Posterino Styles work their magic in the background and you don’t have to spend any thoughts on them. But there are ways to bend the power of Styles to your will. This post explains how.

Let’s assume we are working on this sample document:

Note that the images of our sample document not only have different frame colors but also various image filter, metadata and caption settings. The document looks like a mess and we should clean it up a bit. We like to align the overall look of our document. In the following you find several examples of how to achieve this goal.

Copy a style from one image to another

To copy the style of e.g. the blue framed image to the red framed image do this:

1. Control-click the image which should serve as the source of the style and choose Copy Style from the context menu. In our example, we copy the style of the image with the blue frame:

2. Control-click the destination image (the one with the red frame) and choose Paste Style:

Now we have copied the style of one image to another. Not only did we copy the color and thickness of the frame but also the image filter, frame edge setup and all additional layers of the source image like the caption layer:

Align the style

To align the style of all images of a document:

1. Control-click on the document or one object and choose Align Styles from the context menu:

The selected images are now align to a common style which based on what the majority of images look like:

Copy a style from one image to all others

To align the look of all images to the look of one particular image:

1. Control click the image which should serve as the blueprint for all other images. For our example, we pick the image with the white frame. Choose Align Styles to Selection:

Now all images look like the selected “blueprint” image:


As you can see, there are several very handy ways to help you get the overall look of your document right. Also the methods described above are a great way to “play” with different looks fast and easily.

Did you enjoy this article? Did I miss something? What should be the topic of my next How-To post? Just let me know in the comment below!

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Jan, 24 2017

Posterino spring-cleaning

In gardening you have to compose remains of dead plants, cut back branches and plant new seeds every spring to get your garden ready for a new cycle. The very same things apply to “gardening” an app if you like it to grow and blossom in the future.

Over the past weeks I took the time to remove old and obsolete code, handled OS deprecation warnings, updated various frameworks and did some overall code improvements. To make sure I did not cut off any essential “branch”, I’d like to sent the new spring-cleaned Posterino through a short beta phase.

Posterino App Icon

Long story short, I’d like to invite you to give the new beta a spin. All details on the Posterino beta page.

If you are wondering if you can run the beta and your current version of Posterino side by side: Yes, you can. See the Beta Installation Guide on the beta page for details.

Jul, 27 2016

Posterino and macOS Sierra

Today I’d like to deliver a quick update on the state of Posterino regarding the upcoming macOS 10.12 Sierra.


Since the first beta of macOS 10.12 Sierra became available, we did run detailed tests and I’m happy to report, that things are looking good. Posterino 3.2.12 is ready for the new OS!

Sure thing, the latest update will also run great on macOS 10.11 El Capitan. As usual this release is a free update to all customers of version 3.

Since there is still plenty of time until macOS 10.12 Sierra is released this fall, here are some behind the scenes insights to get you ready:

macOS Sierra – Apple’s next-generation Mac operating system A detailed look at what’s new in macOS Sierra. Recommended!

Apple reveals macOS Sierra with Siri, Apple Pay, and other new features

– Apple’s macOS 10.12 Sierra beta program for those of you how like the thrill

– I’d also like to remind you of our ongoing Posterino beta program