Nov, 16 2020

Posterino 3.9 and Big Sur

Here comes my regular note regarding the state of Posterino and the latest member of the macOS family released a couple of days ago.

This year the macOS beta phase lasted a bit longer than usual but I think the result was worth waiting for. Big Sur deserves the new number, the 11, in front of it. A sound user interface overhaul started closing the gap between macOS and iPadOS and the advent of Apple Silicon based Macs clearly marks a new era.

Posterino on macOS Big Sur

I have been working with macOS Big Sur beta for several months now and I must say I’m very pleased. Apple did spare use the hiccups the beta of macOS Catalina showed last year and Big Sur beta was mainly a smooth ride on a solid crafted OS. Well mainly, it has been in beta after all ;) 

I took my time to make sure Posterino 3 is running smoothly on Big Sur and Apple Silicon based Macs. So, feel free to update to Posterino 3.9 via the software update channel of your choice or by downloading right from the web.

Let’s round up this newsletter with a short list of useful background information regarding macOS Big Sur and the new Macs:

– The most important question is of course: Will Big Sur run on your Mac? You’ll find the answer on Apple’s Big Sur web page near the bottom in a section called “See if your Mac can run macOS Big Sur”.

– macOS Big Sur Features by MacRumors, a solid overview about what’s new and changed in Big Sur

– The Apple Silicon Buyer’s Guide, just in case you feel tempted ;)

– A visual comparison of macOS Catalina and Big Sur; I especially love this one, an epic collection of side by side screenshots of Catalina and Big Sur

So much for now. I’ll keep you posted.

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