Nov, 04 2021

Posterino 3.11 and Monterey

Here comes my regular note regarding the state of Posterino and the latest member of the macOS family “Monterey”, released a couple of days ago.

Looks like Apple is back in its usual OS release rhythm and we get the new macOS in October. I am working full-time with the new macOS since the second beta and I really can’t complain. This release is solid!

As I expected, the new streamlined tab bar of Safari caused a bit of controversy. Followed by some feature back and forth but in the end we can choose the model we personally like best. I think that’s a good move for an app we use every single day.

To enjoy Posterino on macOS Monterey I suggest to update to the latest version 3.11 via the software update channel of your choice or by downloading right from the web.

Let’s round up this post with a short list of useful background information regarding macOS Monterey:

– macOS 12 Monterey: The Ars Technica review This one is epic. If you want the complete picture, this is it.

– For just a short teaser go to: 10 Great macOS Monterey Features Worth Upgrading For

– And if you are ready to jump in, there is a tiny detail about the macOS Monterey installation process you might want to know: How to Clean Install macOS Monterey Easily Using the New Erase Mac Option

So much for now. I’ll keep you posted.

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