Jul, 27 2016

Posterino and macOS Sierra

Today I’d like to deliver a quick update on the state of Posterino regarding the upcoming macOS 10.12 Sierra.


Since the first beta of macOS 10.12 Sierra became available, we did run detailed tests and I’m happy to report, that things are looking good. Posterino 3.2.12 is ready for the new OS!

Sure thing, the latest update will also run great on macOS 10.11 El Capitan. As usual this release is a free update to all customers of version 3.

Since there is still plenty of time until macOS 10.12 Sierra is released this fall, here are some behind the scenes insights to get you ready:

macOS Sierra – Apple’s next-generation Mac operating system A detailed look at what’s new in macOS Sierra. Recommended!

Apple reveals macOS Sierra with Siri, Apple Pay, and other new features

– Apple’s macOS 10.12 Sierra beta program for those of you how like the thrill

– I’d also like to remind you of our ongoing Posterino beta program

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  1. macOS Sierra won’t lt me open a newly downloaded version of Posterino 3. Is there a problem?

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