Feb, 05 2007

Posterino 1.0.1

Today we released Posterino 1.0.1.

If you like to give it a try, use the automatic software update build into Posterino (choose the “Software Update…” item from the “Posterino” menu) or – if the software update should fail – use the link below:

Posterino Download

Changes since the last release (v1.0):

– [NEW] Added new templates made for holding portrait images (“Portraits” and “Irregular II”) and one for displaying an image for each day of the year (“365 Days”).
– [NEW] Added some new photo frame templates.
– [NEW] You now can drag and drop image files and folders onto the document window.
– [NEW] Added a “letter” paper size.
– [NEW] You can end the cropping of an image by pressing the Return, Enter or Escape key.
– [CHANGED] Some additions to the online help regarding shortcuts and paper sizes.
– [FIXED] The drag and drop of images from one frame to an other now preserves the crop information of the image.
– [FIXED] The Shuffle operation now preserves the crop information of the images.
– [FIXED] Solved a problem where drag and drop operations from the first image to any other always lead to a copy.
– [FIXED] Solved a problem where clicking on a selected image does not lead to an image swap or move operation.
– [FIXED] Fixed a problem where the used image count of the images in the image picker is not updated correctly in a copy or paste operation.
– [FIXED] Fixed a bug in the “Choose random Image” operation.
– [FIXED] Added measurement unit to some values on the details panel.
– [FIXED] Corrected the naming of a label of the “Panel Position” radio group (preferences: “Document Window” > “General”).
– [FIXED] The template “Irregular I” not longer produces a blank page.
– [FIXED] Aligned the text field of the ‘Sunrise over Ulm’ template with the image above.

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