Jan, 08 2007

Posterino 1.0 final

Today we released Posterino 1.0 final.

Changes since the last release:

– [NEW] New life poster and postcard templates.
– [NEW] The images used in the document are now indicated by a green badge in the top right corner of the image picker. To show or hide this feature, go to “Posterino” > “Preferences…” > “Document Window” > “Image Picker” > “Show” and toggle the “Used image count” checkbox.
– [NEW] Layout grids! You can show a grid in your document window and graphics objects will snap to this grid. The grid depends on the settings of the “Layout Generator” (in the “Poster” menu). You can show and hide the grid from the “View” menu. All preferences regarding the grid are under “Posterino” > “Preferences…” > “Image Handling” > “Grid”.
– [FIXED] Fixed some inconsistencies in international number formating in some edit fields.
– [FIXED] Solved a problem with text objects.
– [NEW] You can specify a short descriptive text when creating a new template.
– [NEW] The template chooser now shows an image visualizing the placement of photos on the document and a short descriptive text about the template.
– [NEW] A new operation to scale you current document to some arbitrary size and resolution. See “Poster” > “Scale…”.
– [NEW] New template chooser featuring the template categories.
– [NEW] Added context menu to the poster editor to manipulate image and frame settings. Or you can reveal the selected images in the Finder or open them in an external editor.
– [NEW] You can switch on graphic object tool tips to display information about the used image. If available, file name, date, comment, rating and image paths are displayed. See “View” > “Object Tool Tip”.
– [NEW] You can define the image picker sort oder under ‘Posterino’ > ‘Preferences…’ > ‘Document Window’ > ‘Image Picker’. You can sort the images by pre-defined (iPhoto or Aperture) order, date, comment, file name or rating.
– [NEW] A new online help chapter about “Altering the layout” under “Layout Options”.
– [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the “needs rending” state of a saved document was not updated correctly.
– [NEW] If you hold down the Shift key while rotating an image or a frame, the rotation will stop at 45 degree segments.
– [NEW] Relocate images from iPhoto and Aperture used in a document if the image library has moved to a new user account.
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