Oct, 04 2005

Snippet Mind 1.0b3

Today we released Snippet Mind 1.0b3.

Changed since the last version:
– Fixed a bug where the published archive was off by one month.
– Corrected a problem where a ‘ character in a feed title or path could lead to empty blog pages.
– Improved the way a publisher reacts on changes in the underlying parameters and the handling of layouts for iPod and Web-Site publishing.
– More small improvements.

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Aug, 29 2005

Win a free life-time Snippet Mind license

Build a Snippet Mind layout plug-in and submit it. If your layout is picked to be included in the first final version of Snippet Mind you receive a life-time Snippet Mind license! The final version is expected to appear within the next two month.

What do you need to do?
– Download the Layout Plug-In SDK (see links below)
– Create your layout plug-in
– Submit your layout plug-in

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Aug, 29 2005

Snippet Mind public beta version available now!

Today we released the first public beta version of Snippet Mind.

Snippet Mind is a powerful easy-to-use journal application featuring iPod integration, Spotlight search, weblog and .Mac support.

Snippet Mind lets you import, organize, search and publish journal entries quickly and easily. Snippet Mind lets you store all off your journal entries in one single place, organized into journals that you create. You may publish your journals to your .Mac account or a folder on a local volume. While Snippet Mind is a powerful tool, its user interface is incredibly straightforward and easy to use. A medium experienced Mac OS X user will be able to be highly productive in a very short time.

Main Features
– Organize your thoughts with the help of color-coded journals, categories and labels.
– Publish your journal as weblog to your .Mac account or a local volume.
– Choose from a number of pre-defined layouts to give your weblog a unique look.
– You don’t need to know any HTML, RSS, or whatever to publish your weblog.
– Export your journals to your iPod. A great way to keep important information right at hand.
– Spotlight and search support.
– Works hand-in-hand with NetNewsWire, PulpFiction or any other newsreader that supports the “External Weblog Editor Interface”.
– Import and export of Microsoft Word, Rich Text (RTF, RTFD), HTML and text files.
– Supports RSS 0.92, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3.

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May, 23 2005

Testers Wanted

We are looking for testers for a product that is about to enter beta.
The main focus of this product lies in organizing notes, ideas and journaling and in
publishing these to a weblog. To get an idea of this product have a look at the
product description and the accompanying screenshots on our web-site:


We’ll be selecting a handful of people at random from the pool of applicants.
If you’re picked, you’ll start getting emails from us in about a week.

Every serious helping hand will receive a free product license when a final
version is released.

Remember, beta software can be crashy and weird, and we’ll need you to send
us detailed reports about the weird stuff. Serious folks with backed-up hard
drives only!

Apply here: