Jul, 27 2007

Postcard Volume Discounts Available

Good news for those of you who are looking for postcard volume discounts. You can now buy postcard coupons from our online shop.

Visit the shop and watch out for: Postcard Coupon Shop

Press the coupons button and you will find a price-list with volume discounts (in several currencies) and a volume-price calculator. Your payment will be processed via your credit card or PayPal.

Aug, 16 2006

Breaking the Silence

It has been a bit quiet around Snippet Mind and Zykloid Software for a while. We would like to change this now. In the past months we have been working hard on our new and upcoming piece of software. We are pleased to announce that our new ‘life poster’ composing application ‘Posterino’ is going into semi public beta now.

To get an idea of Posterino visit:


If you like what you see and if you would like to help us drive the bugs out of Posterino you may participate in our beta test program. All serious helping hands will – of cause – receive a free Posterino license. To join our beta program please apply here:


May, 23 2005

Testers Wanted

We are looking for testers for a product that is about to enter beta.
The main focus of this product lies in organizing notes, ideas and journaling and in
publishing these to a weblog. To get an idea of this product have a look at the
product description and the accompanying screenshots on our web-site:


We’ll be selecting a handful of people at random from the pool of applicants.
If you’re picked, you’ll start getting emails from us in about a week.

Every serious helping hand will receive a free product license when a final
version is released.

Remember, beta software can be crashy and weird, and we’ll need you to send
us detailed reports about the weird stuff. Serious folks with backed-up hard
drives only!

Apply here: