Jul, 15 2015

Posterino 3.2 with new Mosaic-Crop feature

Wouldn’t it be nice if Posterino could automatically create a mosaic like the one in the middle of this image:



At least this has been the question of Posterino user Danny. By the way, check out his awesome work at http://smartdoll.jp. His feature request made me think. And well, as of Posterino 3.2 it can!

To create a mosaic from an image, just select a set of image frames:


And Drag & Drop one image from the image browser to one of the selected image frames:


Basically that’s it.

In case of ongoing work on a mosaic where you e.g. manually improve the layout, there is a “Apply Mosaic-Crop” context menu command to bring your mosaic crop back in shape when you select all image frames in question:



Posterino 3.2 is a free update for all customers of version 3. Enjoy!

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