Jan, 12 2015

Posterino 3 available on Mac App Store now

I’m happy to announce, that Posterino 3 is officially available on Mac App Store now! The App Store review process took indeed a while but the waiting time is over.


Posterino’s new sharing services


Posterino 3 is a major upgrade to version 2, and as such is a payed upgrade. Since we can’t do discounted upgrades on Apple’s Mac App Store, we decided the only fair thing we could do is discount the product for everyone for a while — so right now Posterino 3 is available for the upgrade price of USD 19.99 for everyone!


To download version 3 and try it out visit: http://zykloid.com/posterino

Please note that Posterino 3 requires OS X 10.9+ “Mavericks” or later!


Have fun trying Posterino 3!

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