Nov, 08 2010

MacGraPhoto promo started


MacGraPhoto features a hand-picked selection of high-quality graphic applications:

  • Sandvox by Karelia Software – Apple Design Award Winner Website building application
  • AtomicView by AntZero – Digital content management
  • Sketch – A new vector drawing application by Apple Design Award winner Bohemian Coding
  • Swift Publisher by BeLight Software – Page layout application for designing fliers, newsletters, brochures etc.
  • Layers by Wuonm – Capture screen as a PSD Layered Image
  • Snapshot by LateNiteSoft – Photo-lab on a Mac: Image editing and printing
  • ImageFramer 3 by Apparent Software – A brand new re-design of a popular image and photo framing application
  • Hydra by Creaceed – Easily create HDR images
  • DVD-Library by iSkysoft: Bonus application for building a photographic DVD Library
  • Posterino – Collage your world

All applications participating in the bundle are full versions without any limitations.

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