Oct, 15 2010

Say Hello to Posterino 2.0

Yes, it’s available on our site for immediate download. Why the excitement? Because we’ve incorporated your feedback. With Posterino 2.0 you’ll get all that design freedom you were craving.

The new Posterino document window in layout mode.

Posterino 2.0 features you’ll love

You were hungry for more freedom so we listened. The new enhanced design flexibility makes changing a Posterino document a piece of cake. Plus Posterino 2.0 easily integrates with the latest versions of iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom. And you can still export to disk, as an e-mail, to iPhoto, to Flickr or to your desktop to use as a snazzy background.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Great new templates: We’ve improved the versatility of our existing templates and added new gorgeous ones featuring various themes.

New designs.

New layout options: In addition to the existing grid layout, you can now choose from irregular and random layouts. The number of images in a layout is easily customized as well. And you can change your layout from one type to another with one simple click.

More frame and image filter options: Also with a simple click, you can now change among our new frames and image filters.

Learn more about Posterino 2.0


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