Mar, 14 2009

The “Real Postcard” Service will be Discontinued

The news I have to share today is rather a sad one. The Swiss Post is discontinuing it’s postcard service for small businesses. Therefore the “real postcard” interface implemented in Posterino will stop working on July 1st, 2009!

The good new is, the postcard coupons you bought are not lost! Even after July 1st! You simple have to process your postcards using the Swiss Post web-site instead of the postcard interface built into Posterino:

  1. Create your postcard in Posterino
  2. Choose the Export toolbar button and than the Save to Disk option
  3. Visit the Swiss Post Postcard Website. You can switch the language using the links on the top left of the page!
  4. Choose Private customers
  5. Start creating your postcard by clicking the Design postcards now button and use the saved image as own image
  6. Complete your postcard and pay with the coupon code you purchased

If you’ve got a question regarding the postcard interface or this process in general, don’t hesitate to contact me !

The real postcard service never has been a big selling point for Posterino but I must admit that I really love this feature and I’m quite unhappy to let it go. And I know that some of you fell the same! So, I’m looking for a replacement service! If you have a service in mind which could make a good fit for Posterino, just let me know.

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