Nov, 25 2008

Improved image recovery

We made a new cutting-edge version of Posterino available that features the following improvements:

  • Improved image recovery of image files that have been used in a Posterino document and then moved to a new location on the same hard disk. This should largely reduce the display of “yellow x’s”. All Posterino documents saved with the new version of Posterino will benefit from this improvement. To convert existing documents to the new document file format, just open and save them using Posterino.
  • You can now reveal a custom template in the Finder using the “Reveal in Finder” context menu item right from within the Template Chooser
  • You can now delete a custom template right from the Template Chooser context menu
  • Solved a bug that could lead to an unbelievable tiny font size of newly created text objects

If you like to give it a try, use the automatic software update build into Posterino. Choose “Software Update…” from the “Posterino” menu. Don’t forget to watch for “Cutting-Edge” releases (“Posterino” > “Preferences” > “Software Update”). Or just use the link below to download Posterino:

Download Posterino Version 1.4 (627)

If you find any problems with this version of Posterino we really appreciate your feedback.

For questions, comments, tips, or feedback, find me on Twitter, Mastodon, or just email me.