Nov, 07 2008

Proxymind 1.1.1

We are delighted to announce that Proxymind 1.1.1 is now available in the iTunes App Store showing many new improvements:

  • [FIXED] Solved an incompatibility appearing under iPhone OS 2.1 wich results in an application hang when entering note text or title.
  • [FIXED] Solved a bug that under rare circumstances could result in changes to a focus or note not being saved.
  • [CHANGED] Notes without location are now visible in focuses with enabled distance filtering.
  • [CHANGED] If the user leaves the application in the Focus View, the application is opened in the Focus View the next time started. No fallback to the “All” focus any more.
  • [NEW] An empty Items Filter View now shoes “Empty Focus” or “Determine location…” in the middle of the table view as long as now rows are visible.
  • [NEW] Auto mark note as undone on text change. This feature is by default off. Visit the “Proxymind” defaults in the Settings application to switch it on.
  • [NEW] Added “Clear Text” command to the “Trash Can” action of the note editor.
  • [NEW] Added tag and focus information to note mail export.
  • [NEW] New application icon.

This build is a free update recommended for all users.

Visit Proxymind in the iTunes App Store: Proxymind 1.1.1 (126)

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