Feb, 22 2008

Posterino 1.3.3

A new build of Posterino is available featuring the following improvements:

  • [CHANGED] Change the keyboard shortcut for the “Send as Postcard” command to Command-Option-Shift-‘D’ due to problems under Leopard.
  • [CHANGED] Some small user interface adjustments and improvements.
  • [FIXED] Solved a problem with the default image border width and shadow offset of newly created image objects.
  • [FIXED] Solved a problem where metadata like date, comment etc. where missing if you used drag & drop to put an image into the document.
  • [NEW] Added a warning message if the user tries to enter a gift code instead of an activation code while activating the software.

This build is recommended for all users and is a free update.

If you like to give it a try, use the automatic software update build into Posterino (choose “Software Update…” from the “Posterino” menu) or use the link below:

Download Posterino

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