Apr, 02 2007

Posterino 1.0.2

Today we released Posterino 1.0.2.

If you like to give it a try, use the automatic software update build into Posterino (choose the “Software Update…” item from the “Posterino” menu) or – if the software update should fail – use the link below:

Posterino Download

Changes since the last release (v1.0.1):

– [CHANGED] Changed the implementation of the ‘Backward’ and ‘Forward’ object layer operations to focus on the visual hierarchy of objects instead of the ‘physical’ hierarchy.
– [CHANGED] Choose random selection does no longer deselect the current selection.
– [FIXED] Fixed a bug in the handling of object layers after loading a document.
– [FIXED] Solved a problem where a single image is rendered several times on the output.
– [FIXED] Solved a problem where shuffled images re-appear at there old position after loading a saved document.
– [FIXED] Fixed a problem where images smaller than the defined thumbnail size are created with a big black border.
– [NEW] Added layer operations to the context menu of the document editor.
– [NEW] New toolbar buttons ‘Bring to Front’ and ‘Send to Back’ for object layer handling. Choose “Customize Toolbar…” from the “View” menu to add the new buttons to your toolbar.
– [NEW] You can navigate the templates in the template chooser by using the arrow keys.

Find out more about Posterino under:


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