Nov, 27 2006

Posterino 1.0 beta 7

Today we released Posterino 1.0 beta 7.

Changes since the last release:

– [FIXED] Fixed a problem where Posterino did not display images referenced by an alias. This was for example the case, if you set the iPhoto preference checkbox “Copy files to iPhoto Library folder when adding to library” to false (under “iPhoto” > “Preferences…” > “Advanced”).
– [FIXED] Fixed the bug that caused pixel residue to show up while manipulating image bounds, moving frames or selecting images in a poster.
– [NEW] A new sheet is shown after the poster has been rendered to let the user choose what to do with the rendered document. The options are ‘Send to iPhoto’, ‘Save to Disk’ and ‘Send via Mail’.
– [NEW] If you choose to mail you poster you now can specify the quality of the image to be send.
– [NEW] Improved rendering process feedback.

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