Oct, 20 2006

Posterino 1.0 beta 5

Today we released Posterino 1.0 beta 5.

Changes since the last Release:

– [NEW] The first sketch of an online help system is made. We have got a “life poster” and “postcard” tutorial and some pages about image import.
– [NEW] You can use the new “Tell a Friend” command in the “Help” menu to easily setup an email message to spread the word about Posterino.
– [CHANGED] “Help” > “Posterino Help” will now open the local help viewer instead of a web page.
– [FIXED] Fixed a couple of minor user interface problems.
– [FIXED] Fixed the problem where the template chooser was displayed on top of an existing document file.
– [CHANGED] Speed improvements in rendering JPG thumbnails.
– [CHANGED] Much improved image browser. The current release should address the known problems with iPhoto.
– [NEW] You can now import images from file system folders. See “Import Folder…” in the “File” menu.
– [FIXED] Fixed problem where a corrupted image spoiled the Posterino image picker.

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