May, 02 2011

How do I run the latest Posterino beta and my Mac App Store copy side by side?

Mac App Store does not allow the distribution of beta software, which is actually a good thing. However, from time to time you might like to run a beta version. For example, we just implemented a “Snap to Guides” feature and made it available as a beta several weeks before the feature actually appeared on the Mac App Store version of Posterino.

In this article I would like to talk about two things:

  1. How to run a Posterino beta version side by side with a copy of Posterino purchased through the Mac App Store.

  2. How to sign up for our beta version e-mail notification service.

Why would you like to run beta software?

Lets talk about why you would like to run beta software in the first place. The reasons are numerous:

  • The Mac App Store review process takes some time and you might like to get your hands on the most current version of Posterino as soon as possible.

  • We implemented a new feature which you (among others) requested and we like to give you the chance to be the first to play with it, like the “Snap to Guides” feature that was requested by many of you. Generally on these occasions we send out invites with a link to a beta version.

  • A beta version fixes a problem you’ve encountered, but this version of Posterino is not yet available on the Mac App Store.
  • You’d simply like to stay on top of the development.
  • You just need the pure thrill of running beta software. In this case, please also contact the local branch of the Beta Addicts Anonymous support group.

Install beta software

First, one word of caution: Some folks really like to get their hands on the latest “bleeding-edge” trunk of some kind of software. But running beta software is clearly not everybody’s business. If you feel uncomfortable with this kind of stuff, just don’t run it! No shame!

This post is made for the folks who like to get their hands dirty and run a backed up system!

To run a beta of Posterino we have to understand one thing: Technically the copy of Posterino purchased through the Mac App Store and the beta (or regular version) downloaded from our site follow two different licensing models.

This boils down to one simple fact: The copy downloaded from our site will stay in demo mode!

However, this does not pose a problem at all, you just have to make sure to use the copy of Posterino purchased through the Mac App Store to export your document without the demo watermark. It’s that simple.

Here’s a more detailed workflow:

  1. Download a beta from our site and unpack the ZIP file.

  2. While finding a place for the beta, don’t override the Mac App Store copy of Posterino in your Applications folder. You have several options here:

    • Put it on your Desktop.
    • Rename it to something like “Posterino-beta” and put it in your Applications folder.
    • Put it somewhere else. Maybe you already have some kind of “Beta Stuff” folder.
  3. To create and edit your Posterino document use the beta version (or your Mac App Store copy).

  4. To export your document switch to your Mac App Store copy of Posterino.

That’s it.

To get rid of the beta

If you are done with the beta copy of Posterino and you don’t need it any longer, just drag it into the trash. That’s it. There are no other files to consider.

In case you accidentally overrode your copy of Posterino from the Mac App Store with a beta or you removed your Mac App Store copy altogether, just install it again using Mac App Store. No big deal.

Our Beta Notification Service

If you’d like to get a short notification e-mail every time we release a new beta of Posterino into the wild, just subscribe to our Notification Service. At our current rhythm, new betas are released two times a month. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time and we don’t share your data with anyone outside Zykloid Software.

Apr, 26 2011

Posterino 2.3: ‘Snap to Guides’ and four new languages

We are happy to announce the release of Posterino 2.3 featuring the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Added alignment guides to help positioning objects on your document. You can inverse the current ‘snap to guides’ mode by holding down the Option key.
  • You can now rotate all selected objects by using the rotation handle of any selected object.
  • Added Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Japanese language support.
  • Added several new articles to the online help regarding the basic Posterino workflow and template handling.
  • Fixed several problems regarding the appearance of templates and paper sizes in the Template Chooser.
  • Solved the case where layout popup windows (HUD) are cut off at the edge of the screen and ensured that the popup controls in the Layout mode (blueprint view) stay on the page when the window gets smaller.
  • Various other bug fixes and small improvements.

This build is a free update recommended for all users!

Depending on where you did make your purchase, open Mac App Store to update:

Or use the built-in updater:

Enjoy the latest version!

Apr, 19 2011

How do I (re-)install Posterino using Mac App Store?

In January 2011 the Mac App Store opened as an online store and, since late February, Posterino has been available for purchase on the Mac App Store. Because the opening of the Mac App Store has changed the software distribution model we’ve all known for quite some time, we’ve had to learn some new tricks to operate this new beast and cope with some of its pitfalls.

Today I’d like to show you how easy it is to install or re-install software on your Mac using the Mac App Store.

Say, …
… you removed your copy of Posterino from your Mac
… you have a new Mac and want to install the software already purchased on Mac App Store
… you replaced your copy of Posterino in the Applications folder with a (beta) download from our site
… you want to install Posterino on a different Mac

The following steps are true for every application you purchased on the Mac App Store. Not just Posterino.

  1. Prerequisites: If you have a beta or demo version of Posterino in your Applications folder which you would like to replace with the copy you purchased through the Mac App Store, go to your Applications folder and drag Posterino to the trash. Also make sure there is no other copy of Posterino flying around on your system. Use Spotlight to search for “Posterino”.

  2. Open the Mac App Store.

  3. Go the “Purchases” tab by clicking the “Purchases” toolbar button or choose “Purchases” from the “Store” menu.

  4. If necessary, sign in using your App Store / iTunes credentials.

    The Mac App Store application will show a list of applications you already purchased.

  5. Click the “Install” button for any application you would like to install.

    (If the button reads “Installed”, you did not remove all copies of Posterino from your system. Go back to step 0.)

That’s it. You are done.

Once you realize that you can easily remove applications from your Applications folder without the fear of losing something, it becomes apparent that the Mac App Store will make your Mac maintenance much much simpler.

Feb, 11 2011

Bienvenue sur Posterino 2.2 !

Posterino 2.2 has just been released featuring:

  • French language support.
  • Several new articles regarding text boxes and details on printing are added to the online help.
  • Additional warning messages are added to inform about the implications of destructive operations.
  • A hand full of bug fixes.

This build is a free update recommended for all users!

Visit the Posterino product page

We really appreciate your feedback.

Jan, 28 2011

Posterino 2.1

We are happy to announce the release of Posterino 2.1 featuring the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Added German language support.
  • New and revised online help.
  • Various small bug fixes and improvements.

This build is a free update recommended for all users!

For the built-in software update: Autoupdate

Or download as ZIP file: Posterino v2.1 (1642)

We really appreciate your feedback.

Dec, 08 2010

Posterino 2.0.4

We are happy to announce the release of Posterino 2.0.4 featuring the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Support for iPhoto Events in the built-in image picker.
  • Added move and size frame commands to the context menu of the document editor.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to distorted images.
  • Solved a problem that could lead to an application crash in case a document is open holding references for images that have been moved.
  • Solved a problem that sometimes hindered a copy operation from proceeding if text object where involved.
  • Improved the staggering of graphic object on a paste operation.
  • Support for 32-bit Mac under Mac OS X 10.6+ ‘Snow Leopard’.

This build is a free update recommended for all users!

For the built-in software update: Autoupdate

Or download as ZIP file: Posterino v2.0.4 (1636)

We really appreciate your feedback.

Nov, 08 2010

MacGraPhoto promo started


MacGraPhoto features a hand-picked selection of high-quality graphic applications:

  • Sandvox by Karelia Software – Apple Design Award Winner Website building application
  • AtomicView by AntZero – Digital content management
  • Sketch – A new vector drawing application by Apple Design Award winner Bohemian Coding
  • Swift Publisher by BeLight Software – Page layout application for designing fliers, newsletters, brochures etc.
  • Layers by Wuonm – Capture screen as a PSD Layered Image
  • Snapshot by LateNiteSoft – Photo-lab on a Mac: Image editing and printing
  • ImageFramer 3 by Apparent Software – A brand new re-design of a popular image and photo framing application
  • Hydra by Creaceed – Easily create HDR images
  • DVD-Library by iSkysoft: Bonus application for building a photographic DVD Library
  • Posterino – Collage your world

All applications participating in the bundle are full versions without any limitations.

Nov, 03 2010

Posterino 2.0.3

We are happy to announce the release of Posterino 2.0.3 featuring the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Solved an issue that could lead to missing images in a re-opened document file.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the copy and paste operations from copying graphic objects.
  • Handled a situation where the application crashed during an image filter operation.
  • Solved a problem where imported images are distorted due to a misinterpretation of the image aspect ratio.

This build is a free update recommended for all users!

For the built-in software update: Autoupdate

Or download as ZIP file: Posterino v2.0.3 (1631)

We really appreciate your feedback.

Oct, 15 2010

Say Hello to Posterino 2.0

Yes, it’s available on our site for immediate download. Why the excitement? Because we’ve incorporated your feedback. With Posterino 2.0 you’ll get all that design freedom you were craving.

The new Posterino document window in layout mode.

Posterino 2.0 features you’ll love

You were hungry for more freedom so we listened. The new enhanced design flexibility makes changing a Posterino document a piece of cake. Plus Posterino 2.0 easily integrates with the latest versions of iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom. And you can still export to disk, as an e-mail, to iPhoto, to Flickr or to your desktop to use as a snazzy background.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Great new templates: We’ve improved the versatility of our existing templates and added new gorgeous ones featuring various themes.

New designs.

New layout options: In addition to the existing grid layout, you can now choose from irregular and random layouts. The number of images in a layout is easily customized as well. And you can change your layout from one type to another with one simple click.

More frame and image filter options: Also with a simple click, you can now change among our new frames and image filters.

Learn more about Posterino 2.0